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Sheldon Good & Co. is the premier luxury real estate auction company with a 50-year history of sales success throughout the United States and internationally.

Sheldon Good & Company - Luxury Real Estate Auctions

Sheldon Good & Company provides the most successful real estate auction platform to buy and sell luxury real estate in the United States and internationally.  our approach is an extensive property-specific marketing strategy meant to expose each luxury parcel to a greater audience of buyers.  We advertise and conduct public relation campaigns via outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Robb Report, CNBC and Bloomberg.  The luxury real estate auction media program is designed to identify exclusive groups of affluent buyers who will be drawn to action through an integrated print, digital, brokerage, and public relations mix that will maximize exposure with a defined timeline.

Sheldon Good & Co. has sold billions of dollars worth of properties via real estate auction and the company's innovative marketing techniques are widely acknowledged by prestigious publications such as Forbes, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal as the best in the real estate auction industry.  The company's headquarters are located in New York City.

Similar to the auctions conducted for art, antiques and other collectables, Sheldon Good & Co. specializes in the auction of luxury real estate, having set records for selling the most expensive homes in Illinois and Rhode Island history, as well as one of the most expensive homes sold in both Seattle and Aspen with the past 4 years.

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