Sheldon Good & Company - The Real Estate Auction Leader

Q: Why sell property at a real estate auction?

A: Auctions are the proven means of delivering maximum returns in the shortest possible time. Unlike conventional real estate agents who set a price ceiling, an auction establishes a pricing floor and uses competition to drive price upwards.

Q: What are the benefits of a real estate auction?

A: A real estate auction creates a deadline where one currently does not exist, yielding a higher selling price and minimizing holding costs.

Q: What is the primary reason to hold a Sheldon Good & Company real estate auction?

A: Sheldon Good & Company is the most recognized and respected name in real estate auctions in the United States. Founded in 1965, Sheldon Good & Company is the real estate auction leader, having sold billions of dollars worth of properties.

Q: When is a good time to sell at a real estate auction?

A: Auctions succeed in all phases in the economic cycle. Auctions create true price discovery and competition – during uncertain times when transactions are few and far between - and even more so when the market is headed up and sellers want to drive competition to receive the highest possible price.

Q: How will the property benefit from the real estate auction process?

A: A real estate auction creates an immediate response from buyers and creates a deadline for buyers.

Q: What will result from a real estate auction announcement?

A: A real estate auction freezes the sales of any competition in the marketplace. The auction will focus the attention of all potential buyers on the property being offered for sale via the real estate auction, due to the strict timeline.

Q: Are there any contingencies in a real estate auction sale?

A: No, the property is sold “as-is” on a non-contingent basis.

Q: As a seller, do I still maintain control over the property or asset?

A: Yes, the seller has complete control. A Sheldon Good & Company real estate auction provides the owner with total control of the marketing, deal-making and disposition process.

Q: How do you predict pricing?

A: Sheldon Good & Company utilizes proprietary modeling technology, economic analysis, and real estate data to predict auction results. With less than a ten percent variance from predicted pricing, the firm closes 98 percent of properties sold at the auction.