Sheldon Good & Company is the most recognized and respected name in real estate auctions in the United States. Founded in 1965, Sheldon Good & Company is the unparalleled real estate auction leader, having sold billions of dollars worth of properties.

From commercial to residential real estate, Sheldon Good & Company provides the most successful platform to buy and sell property in the history of the real estate auction industry. This experience directly benefits sellers in a real estate auction program:

Superior Level of Expertise in Real Estate Auctions

We create a customized deal structure to maximize return, utilizing a sophisticated array of real estate auction strategies. Sheldon Good & Company's real estate auction innovations are widely acknowledged by prestigious publications such as Forbes,Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal as the best in the real estate auction industry.

Proprietary Real Estate Auction Bidding Strategies

Perfected by Sheldon Good & Company as the most effective way to promote competition. This ensures true market pricing in every sale.

Proven Real Estate Auction Sales Results

Sheldon Good & Company provides a continuity of service throughout the entire auction process that delivers the highest real estate auction industry pricing and closing ratio.